“When the World Seems Out to Get You”

1 Samuel 19


I.  Jonathan & David (1-7)

    A.  Jonathan with David (1-3)


    B.  Jonathan with his father, Saul (4-6)


    C.  Jonathan helps reconcile Saul to David (7)


II.  Saul & David (8-17)

    A.  Saul tries to kill him with a spear (8-10).


    B.  Saul sends his men to kill him (11-17).

        1.  Michal protects David (11-14).

        2.  Michal protects herself (15-17).


Dale Ralph Davis:  “Sometimes the clearest evidence that God has not deserted you is not that you are successfully past your trial but that you are still on your feet in the middle of it.”


III.  Samuel & David (18-24)

    A.  David at Ramah (18)


    B.  Saul's men at Ramah (19-21)

        1.  Sent to capture David

        2.  Ended up acting like prophets! (three times!)




    C.  Saul himself at Ramah (22-24)

        1.  Spirit of God came upon him

        2.  Saul acted like a prophet.

3.  Saul stripped off his royal robes and lay there all day.


Dale Ralph Davis:  “I can be confident that God will keep me until whatever he has ordained for me to be or to do is accomplished.”


Dale Ralph Davis: “Shaddai’s shadow is there but in a refreshing variety of ways and instruments.  The means and methods of deliverance reflect the imagination of the Deliverer.”



1.  God's program is certain.  Therefore we can trust Him.


2.  It's not always easy to serve God.


3.  Loyalty to God supersedes any other loyalty, including family.